Trying out this website thing

Well I now have a website so I guess I’ll get this first post done and see how it goes! This site is where I will keep up to date info on all my training, competing, and traveling adventures. I have gotten so caught up in the fast-paced nordic combined life that sometimes I forget to fill everyone in on what is going on but this site will allow me to keep track of all the adventures my team and I go on.

Right now we are back in Park City after a couple weeks of our 2nd Europe training camp. These camps are important for us to get on a lot of the hills we will be competing on in the winter and also train with other teams and help push each other. The camp was great and everyone was really excited to get some time on different hill. Jumping in Park City every day can get a bit too repetitive and we find ourselves losing some feeling on the hill.

We will be training here for the next few weeks and then it is off to Lake Placid for U.S. Nationals. We go straight from there to our last Europe camp of the summer and will spend some time on hills with ice tracks to get the feeling of snow under our skis before we head in to an action packed winter!


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