The Summer Up To Now

Looking back from the beginning of summer, this has definitely been the most work I have put in on ski jumping of any year prior. The results shows with much more consistent and positive changes happening all the time and my jumping has taken big steps in the right direction. As a nordic combined skier, jumping has been my weakness. More importantly as a team, we have always been stronger cross-country skiers than jumpers.

At the beginning we met our new jump coach Marc Noelke and I was immediately impressed by his organization and clear idea for what we would all be working on throughout the summer. To change up the routine that we had settled in to was crucial, and from the start everyone came a away from the first camp with good feelings and most importantly, feeling like we were having a ton of fun every day, even on small hills and freestyle jumps!


As we moved on through the summer we got more specific to our own needs. We have pushed each other and helped each other along the way and as we put the finishing touches on this fall I think we will be a force to be reckoned with on the jump hill.

What I have come away with so far is the importance of mixing up the routine and trying new ideas no matter how weird until you find what works for you. This makes the hard work that is necessary to improve much more fulfilling knowing that you have done away with the wrong ideas and moved on to working in your own way. I can honestly say this is the most fun summer I can remember on the jump hill. To be able to work hard and see results is the most satisfying thing in this sport and I found the fun feeling that I had lost for a very long time.


On the cross-country side we have been on more or less the same plan that we have been on for previous years because we stick to what we know works. This past month we have moved on from our focus on big hours on the bike to doing more intensity on roller skis and with the cold weather coming through Park City everyone is getting excited to be back on snow.


A couple more weeks here and it is off to U.S. Nationals in Lake Placid, and then directly back to Europe to get our last training jumps of the summer on hills that we will compete on this winter. We all look forward to being back in the team training camp mindset of everyone pushing each other every day to make final preparations for winter.


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