Final Prep for Winter


The season is so close we can taste it! Everyone is getting stoked now that the snow has started to fall and temperatures are looking promising. We are now on the last leg of our last camp of the summer training season, and are using this time to keep the team momentum going and make transition to competition season.


Every week we have done a practice competition/time trial within the team and everyone has taken the opportunity to get in the right mindset and get comfortable with their own competition routines. As a team I have to say we are looking very strong! Nationals has come and gone and Lake Placid put on a great show at the flaming leaves festival. The hometown hero Bill Demong took the national title but it wasn’t an easy task by any means with the Fletchers in hot pursuit. All the members of the team were in good form and are improving every day. I had my personal best nationals with 4th place finish and had a blast hammering down the winding new sections of track built for rollerskiing beside Lake Placid’s jumps.


Having all the U.S. skiers in one place for a competition weekend was a great way to kick start our camp starting in Planica, Slovenia. The B team members and I joined forces with the NTG development crew so we could get some valuable jumps on a really cool new venue. Planica is undergoing huge construction projects to make itself a nordic skiers paradise. They put as many ski jumps as they possibly could on a mountainside and are working on a rollerski track, indoor snow tunnel, and numerous other training facilities. All of this in a place that is probably the most scenic area I have been lucky enough to spend the fall in. We had the roads pretty much to ourselves to do intervals up the different valleys and take short breaks to look up at some of the coolest mountains in the world!


A long day in the van and we are now in the last leg of the camp and looking forward to getting some jumps on the ice track in Oberstdorf, Germany. Now is the time to get that feeling of snow under the skis again so we are as well prepared as we can be for the winter. Hopefully when we get home it won’t be long until there is snow on the hills in Park City and we can kick this thing off!


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