It’s just work

Earlier this summer I was making big improvements on the jump for weeks straight and I hit a couple days when the progress stopped and I got frustrated that I couldn’t keep pushing it. Our jump coach Marc Noelke took me aside and talked some sense in to me. He reminded me of the progress I made and reminded me how to get focused again. He said “the progress you make…it’s…it’s just fucking work! That’s it, you just have to keep doing the work with focus”. I think that sums up these last few weeks. When everything comes together and you are making progress it seems easy, the focus comes naturally. But when you get stuck in that rut it seems impossible to get out of at times because the work can take years to get results. All that matters is to get back to fucking work.


We are two weeks into our last long stretch of the season and it’s been a week of reflection and focus. As the Olympics started those of us who just missed making the team had a lot to think about. A lot of things to try and not over-think. For the few of us that were on the bubble what it came down to is that we weren’t strong enough as a team to secure a 5th spot, so those of us fighting for it had to regroup and get back to work. It’s much easier said than done and I know I have struggled a lot with just getting my focus back for jumping. But as the games started we found ourselves cramming in to a hotel room to yell at our teammates on TV going all out. It didn’t completely relieve the pain of coming close to making the team, but it allowed me personally to look forward. It made it clear that I really enjoy working my ass off for the goals I set for myself, and as long as I can keep working and racing, I’ll be okay. We are all just stoked to keep pushing each other and getting to that next level so that we can be ready to kick ass down the road like we know our teammates at the Olympics will these next few days. GO USA!!!!




Not much to say about Klingenthal, Germany Continental Cups last weekend… I jumped short and skied slow so I’ll brush that one off. My head just wasn’t in it. Back to work.


This week we have been in Planica, Slovenia trying to get a couple jumps, which has proven incredibly difficult. While the scenery is stunning, there is either too much snow, or too much rain everywhere in the area but there’s nothing we can do about the weather. I took the opportunity to mix it up with my training program. I definitely needed something to crack me out of mental hibernation so I did a big volume week with a bunch of weights and some different intensity workouts. After last weekend I figured why not experiment and mix up the typical in season program.


Snowy Planica XC Trails

Snowy Planica XC Trails

Next week we are back to Eisenerz, Austria for a Continental Cup. After not qualifying for so many of the first World Cups this season I am just happy to be able to race again (since there is no cut in COC). I still have yet to be really satisfied with a cross-country race this year so the more racing I can do the better!


Until then we are going to cheer our asses off for ‘Merica! Good luck Bill, Bryan, Taylor and Todd!

Tarvisio XC Trails

Tarvisio XC Trails (for good skiers only)


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