Stop and take a breather

The longest competition season of my life has come to a close. Now it’s time to take a look back and reflect on the season and take a few days to relax!


This season has been the most traveling with the most competitions scheduled I have ever had and now that I’m back I don’t really want it to end. It’s an odd feeling since the last couple years I have ended the season lacking some motivation and just wanting to regroup and take some time off. The chaotic schedule this year actually suited me really well. With only a couple weeks total at home this winter I have overcome a lot of obstacles as far as trying to stay in top form while traveling, and finding ways to make training work when faced with tough conditions. I feel now that I have conquered a mental hurdle and I’m stoked to keep the momentum going in to the summer.


Long days waiting for wind in Falun

Long days waiting for wind in Falun

The last stretch of my season in Europe I proved to myself that I can turn everything around both mentally and physically. In a couple weeks I went from my worst form of the season, to some of the best. To end a season on a high like that is awesome and I know when we get in to the tough long hours of summer training that I can stay motivated to accomplish the big goals I have set for myself.


Hurry up and wait for wind again in the hotel lobby

Hurry up and wait for wind again in the hotel lobby

The last stop for me was two weeks n Falun, Sweden. Being the site of next year’s World Championships I was excited to get a feel for the jumps and courses. The first week was the Continental Cup where I posted my best finish of the season in 15th. While this wasn’t the podium I was hoping for this season, it did come after a stretch of much worse placings where I showed my mental strength and adaptability in training. This earned me a shot at the World Cup the following weekend. I jumped much better than the previous weeks but just barely missed qualifying by 1 place and .4 points. I was disappointed but I had to look at the big picture. Not only was it some of my best jumping of the season but it was consistent. We moved on to the team event the next day, which was unfortunately blown out. The wind in Falun was brutal and in two weeks there I was only able to take a total of four jumps.


View from the top - Falun big hill

View from the top – Falun big hill

Looking at the positive. I got to spend a lot of time at the World Championship venue, and the k90 there seems to work well for me. I ended the season in good form and I can be satisfied with all the hard work to get there. I am ending the season with the most motivation and love for the sport that I have ever had, and I’m ready to come out swinging next year!


On to do some end of the season treadmill and strength testing tomorrow and then start working on a plan of attack for the coming season!


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