Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


Sawtooths photo:Ray Gadd

Well it’s been a minute since my last post but I am finally in the right mindset to get back after it. It’s been a crazy couple of months since the season ended and I have mostly been focused on just having some fun before the real hard work of the summer starts to set in. I took my couple weeks after the season to do a bunch of telemark skiing. I went on two backcountry trips and skied with my dad for a week when I came back home.


I can’t sit at home for too long without getting restless and as soon as the season ended I went down to Moab, UT with Nick Hendrickson, my friends Sam, Alison and some of their friends. We had a quick trip for some warm weather and hiking around in the desert.


Moab Camping

Moab Camping photo:Sam Chovan

After I got back I decided to keep it rolling and headed back home to Steamboat for a few days. It was awesome to spend some time with my family since I was only back in the states for a couple weeks throughout the winter. I skied with my dad a bunch and we went to Arapahoe Basin and Vail for a few days after Steamboat and a quick stop in Boulder. Spending time in my home state was so awesome and I am happy to have grown up somewhere with so much to offer.


Aspen Hut

Aspen Hut

Directly from Vail I went to Aspen for a hut trip with Michael Ward and his Dad and cousin as well as Tyler Smith and Adam Loomis. We had an awesome time checking out the really incredible huts of the Aspen backcountry. They don’t mess around there! We felt right at home.


Dinner time after a long day skiing

Dinner time after a long day skiing

After the Aspen trip I was back in Park City for a bit before our annual yurt trip in Idaho. Tim Nelson and his new fiancée organize a few yurt trips every year and we were lucky to get a huge crew of really awesome skiers together to go explore some big lines. After Tim proposed on the first day, the luck was on our side the whole trip. We had perfect snow conditions and got to ski every single line that we wanted to. We had four massive days of skiing and beat the hell out of ourselves as we were gearing up for summer training.


Enjoying the lunchtime view photo: Ray Gadd


Hiking up Jesus Christ Couloir

Hiking up Jesus Christ Couloir

Clint Jones in JC couloir

Clint Jones in JC couloir

The past month we have been back at training full gas. The team is excited and we have a growing Park City crew to train with. It’s exciting to see that everyone is pushing so hard so early in the summer and working together more than ever. Our team is un-phased by the ski team decision to drop nordic combined from the funding because we have too much to accomplish. Not that we weren’t surprised at the announcement, but it was something we felt coming for awhile. If the ski team doesn’t want to develop future medalists than we must take it in to our own hands. I prefer it this way as we will have more freedom to do things in our own way, and not have to suck up to people that we know have no respect for our sport, and no interest in producing the best athletes in the world. While the money situation may not be ideal for now, I have confidence that our work ethic will see that we can still achieve our goals. If we keep becoming the great skiers I know we all can be, then the support will follow.


Sugar House Crit photo: cyclingutah.com

Sugar House Crit photo: cyclingutah.com

As for now I’m taking a few more days off to kick a summer sickness I picked up. We had a big period these last four weeks and I pushed myself a bit over the line. I think it’s important to do that every once in a while to know where the limit is and once I’m over this bug I’ll be back after it harder and more focused than ever! Jumping started last week and we all have clear minds and excitement to fuel us through the summer! More bike racing and ski jumping to come in the next couple weeks.


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