Prepped for Winter and Ready to Rock

What a crazy couple of months! The season is coming in hot and I have been unbelievably busy getting ready for the insanity that will start up soon. During the past couple months I have been managing the balancing act between school and training. I have managed pretty well and I am psyched to get down to business here!

This semester I decided to go all out with school to get a much-needed chunk of classes done and be in a better place to start the season. It’s been tough doing full days of school and then fitting the training in during the after I’m done with class. It’s a bummer to do this much solo training but it must be done and I do well with it.


Our team took our fall camp to Lake Placid for nationals and then to Europe to meet up with our Swiss teammates. Nationals were a good time and Lake Placid always puts on a great show with a big crowd and lots of athletes. The second part of our trip was our annual prep for winter. We started off in Einsiedeln, SUI with the Swiss team and got to compete in their nationals. It was great to get on a new hill for all of us and is a crucial part of the sport. Getting to feel a new rhythm and different hill helps to focus on different parts of the jump. Spending so much time on the same hills in Park City can sometimes put you in a rut of jumping the same way over and over again. The next stop was in Oberstdorf, GER where we got to get back on the ice track. It’s pretty incredible to feel the difference of ice back under the skis and I think we all left with some good feelings headed in to winter.



Being around all the other teams that we will compete against this winter is helpful to see what we can expect the level to be this year. This camp snaps everyone back in to the competition and travel routines that we need during the winter to get our best results. The team is fired up and we look forward to coming out strong in Kuusamo, FIN for the World Cup opener!


This trip was an incredibly productive and exciting camp with all of the juniors joining us. For some it was their first Europe trip, and for all it was valuable to have so many athletes to train with and prepare for the season. This was a great reminder of the success we have had and will continue to have for years to come. It just so happens that it was during our annual drive for 25 campaign to raise money for developing skiers. The NNF has provided me with the opportunity to train and compete for the past few years and I don’t know where I would be without this awesome foundation. So if you have a chance please donate what you can to see that these juniors will have the same opportunities I had to push each other and test themselves against the worlds best!



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