About Me


A Brief History:

Growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado means that you will probably grow up in some ski sport. After starting off in the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club as an alpine skier I found myself being far more curious about ski jumping. I tried it out when I was 7 years old and was hooked from the first day. The club created an amazing development environment for nordic combined skiing, as shown by the history of past and current athletes who have come through the program. This paid off for me in 2009 when I was named to the U.S. Ski Team and moved out to Park City, Utah to join my teammates for year round training and competing.

My career since then has been steadily moving forward and I have moved up the results list every year proving my strength in the cross country aspect of the sport. The past couple years I have been focused more on ski jumping and the results of my hard work are showing more and more every day.

As I pursue my Olympic, World Cup, and World Championship goals, I have the greatest team in the world to push me and continue our success.


Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 3.20.10 PMDSC0588-M copy






Nordic Combined:

Nordic combined is an exciting combination of two very different ski sports. Ski jumping is a test of mental, coordination, and fast twitch strength in which the goal is to go as far as possible of the jump. The score the jump then determines how far back from the leader each racer will start in the cross country race. The cross country race starts and the hunt is on. The first person across the finish line is the winner which makes for an exciting race with the staggered start splitting up the group.



Courchevel TT  390993_10151561379835660_1892984587_n








Outside of the sport:

While nordic combined takes up most of my time, I still try to get out and do as many of my other hobbies when I can. Off the hill I spend a lot of time in the back country telemark skiing, mountain biking, and racing road bikes in the off season of nordic combined for the Cole Sport cycling team. I am also a part time student at Westminster College in Salt Lake City and I take classes whenever I have the extra time.



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